Somebody Bigger Than You and I

Somebody Bigger Than You and I

Don't let doubt tell you you're not good enough

Am I Good Enough?

I’m always doubting and second-guessing myself. Am I good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, slim enough? Enough enough? ENOUGH! Enough of being my own traitor. So I usually turn to one of my spiritual practices and remember as Whitney Houston sang there’s “somebody bigger than you and I” as I tell my truth as I hope you would tell your truth.

A few days ago, I breathed in and out, prayed for others, and meditated on my doubts when I looked like this.When in pain, tell your truth

Before remembering to go within, my upper right teeth were hurting in a way that zapped all my intelligence and creativity. My swollen right jaw was screaming “you’re too ugly and always will be.” And in the midst of my negative self-talk, I was preparing for 3 separate projects where I needed all the brain-power and beauty I could muster.

Tell Your Truth

But I’ll tell you, it’s amazing how telling your truth can dictate the outcomes of your situations. With project #1, I wrestled with preparing slides with statistically invalid results. I was trying to meet a deadline that just didn’t feel good. My body reacted. My mind reacted to trying to justify doing something I knew was wrong. Did I say my body reacted? I finally ‘fessed up about the statistical error. The project manager and I were able to agree to move the deadline.

Then there was project #2. A debrief for executive coaching outcomes by videoconference. I got up 2 hours before the appointed hour to be coherent and presentable. 

Be coherent and presentable in the midst of uncertainty

That project manager texted and asked to change it to a phone conference call. In my “Madea” voice, I said “Halleluyer” in my head. On the call, I told them my situation. Then thanked them for not subjecting me to the camera.

Brainstorming and Collaboration in the Midst of Uncertainty

Then came project #3 – the last in a series of Differences in Communications of workshops. I love working with these folks. They are Brainstorming Royalty! They throw out creative, crazy, inspired suggestions. We laugh, we giggle, and then we come to consensus about what’s fun, creative, instructional, and realistic. So after grappling with the negative self-talk, the doubts, and the brain shutdown, I was ready to facilitate “Living and Communicating in a World of Uncertainty“.

The truth looks good on us

The session went very well! Don’t get me wrong, our other sessions have been good. But during those sessions, we’ve experienced technical glitches because of rain, unannounced rolling blackouts; interruptions due to illness or low attendance; post-election moodiness due to unwanted results; and so much more. With this last session, we were armed and ready with technical backup plans and flexibility in anticipation of fluctuating attendance numbers. Members of the planning committee co-facilitated segments to help alleviate my tooth pain. We modeled how even when you’re not in control, collaboration AND communications are key in a world of uncertainty. I think that worked, in part, with us going with the flow and allowing “something bigger than us” to be central to our success.

I Can Be of Service

I would love to know how you deal with self-doubt and negative self-talk. And maybe, just maybe, I can be of service and help you overcome those feelings as I have learned to do so..

To your calmness!


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