Building Trust in a World of Chaos – Check out my latest blog post

Building Trust in a World of Chaos – Check out my latest blog post

I wrote a Building Trust in a World of Chaos  blog post because I realized that some of life’s chaos, frustrations and disappointments are a result of our own doing, our own inner conflicts.

Image with pink background, calming communications coach logo and a Winston Churchill quote that says Difficulites mastered are opportunities won.

I want to be of service to others. The intent is for Gibson Washington Consulting to focus on group teambuilding, conflict resolution, and DEI training. The intent for The Calming Communications Coach is to serve individual clients in their search for communications techniques and strategies to get through to people who don’t hear their messages.

The bottom line is I’m in the business of “opportunities won” through differences in communications training for all.

I’ve been in a minor internal scuffle with myself about with which client group I should spend my time.

Every coach in the world will tell you you can’t serve everyone.  So there are 2 things you have to know:

– 1) Who YOU are

– 2) Who your IDEAL client is

It took a recent “happy client” situation to finally come to contentment about who I’m here to serve.

Check out this post to read the excerpt below and more:

What Kind of Entrepreneur Am I?

I’m so glad I finally tuned into my 2019 survey results for what type of entrepreneur I am. The results just validated the advice I’d gotten from just every coach and mentor I engaged from 2014 to the present. (Stubborn, perhaps. Oh no, not me. 😂😉)

My results – I am a mission-based, event-focused entrepreneur.


So I have some questions for you…

❓Have you examined the chaos, frustrations and disappointments of your life?

❓Do you know who you are and who you’re here to serve?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

To your calmness.

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