Faith and Truth in Business

Today is Good Friday! And Good Friday is when I stepped out in faith and founded Gibson Washington Consulting (GWC) 26 years ago.

GWC was dedicated to helping clients find their personal power as leaders. We did that by facilitating conflict resolution, diversity, and leadership training sessions.

A lot has changed in 26 years. Faith in business. No faith in business. Doing business with Fortune 500s. No business with such firms.

We worked with American Express, American Red Cross, Seagram Wine Estates Company, and others. After 9/11 and having lost clients in the fallen Twin Towers, many companies stopped spending money on soft skills training.

Many non-profit, small businesses, and government agencies willingly invested in their employees. But not at the same monetary rates as the “Big Boys.”

GWC exercised a version of separation of church and state. Translation, Lori wasn’t using faith or spiritual practices when making decisions about GWC. I call that the period of “Lori’s Folly.” As a matter of fact, still I call things that when I make mistakes in financial matters.

Between then and now, my beloved mother has passed away; my loving husband continues his progression of forgetfulness as a Type 1 diabetic, and I deal with my own health battles.

In the midst of it all, I came back to a practice of interjecting faith in all I do. The big things, the small things. But don’t worry! I’m not interested in interjecting dogma upon you.

My interjection and intention is to “do right by people” operating in authenticity and integrity. Where GWC helped people find their personal power, Gibson Washington Consulting & Calm Coaching (GWC&C) helps teams build trust in a world of chaos, while learn how to deal with people who disturb their calm.

In the days leading up to Good Friday, I was reminded of my need to rely on my spiritual practices. This led me to write my latest blog. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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