Personal Coaching

Want a Calming Confidante as You Make Life Decisions?

Have you ever had a dream or thought that you believed was outlandish, but wanted to run it by someone confidentially to talk it through with you without them judging you?

The Calming Communications Coach is that confidante.  We work together with our clients to change your mindset from “I can’t” to “I can” which leads to “I will” so that you can shout “I DID” when your dream is an active reality.

If you’ve considered getting some coaching, please complete the form on this page with the subject line “I’d like to schedule a complimentary strategy session” so we can get the ball rolling. During our 45-minute complimentary strategy session, we’ll talk about your main areas of concern and what you see as your ideal life in terms of your health, income, relationships and creative expression.

After we’ve established our heart-centered connection, we will meet for 12 sessions where you design your outlandishly BIG and POSSIBLE dream, test that dream to see if it’s worthy of YOU, and then work, chat, and laugh as we plot out your strategic action plan.

That strategic plan will give you calming communications tools and tips to bring order in the midst of your everyday chaos, while building your personal and professional dreams as a successful entrepreneur (external – working for yourself, creative, and heart-centered) or intrapreneur (internal – working for an organization, creative and heart-centered).

Talk to you soon.

Lori GW, The Calming Communications Coach