Conflict Resolution

Linking Hands in the Midst of Social Distancing

The restlessness you may feel after a long time sheltering in place is a great indication of the need for social interaction. We humans love social interaction (linking hands, if you will) with others that “get it” or “get us”. We tend to ignore those who don’t. So what happens when the ones who “got it” don’t anymore. There’s CONFLICT.

Conflict comes in many forms – the obvious – bullying and the subtle – passive-aggressive behavior; and so many other things in between.

Gibson Washington Consulting and Calm Coaching’s Differences in Communications (DIFFCOM) programs provide Conflict Resolution Training Techniques, focusing on Style, Strategy, and Skills virtually and in-person when conditions permit. 

Here are some of our Conflict Resolution programs for individuals and groups:

  • HEAR What Others Are Saying: Listen for Values – Harmony, Excellence, Action, Reason
  • Building Trust in a World of Chaos
  • THE Elephant DiscussionDifficult Conversations in a Safe Environment to Resolve the Real Conflict
  • Dealing with Cultural Barriers in Negotiations and Communications
  • Ticked off 4 Greatness (T4G) – Channeling Your Anger toward Powerful Solutions
  • Politics with Integrity – Utilizing Strategic Openness
  • Sexual Harassment Training – The Interactive Game
  • Transforming the Bully in Your Work Space – How to Switch Off an Angry Person
  • The Calming TranSPAmation Experience Retreat – a multi-day experience of relaxation and communication in a calming environment

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