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“Latte, Mocha, Cappuccino, or Regular?”

Have you ever asked yourself what are the benefits of diversity in the workplace?
Are you using the talents of the whole team?

  • DIVERSITY 101: Diversity Awareness – ONSITE
    “More than a Pair of Hands” Understanding, Appreciating, and Valuing Diversity in the Workplace.
  • DIVERSITY 102: Cultural Diversity – ONSITE
    Race, Politics, Social, and Cultural Workplace Ethics.
  • DIVERSITY 103: Workplace Discrimination – ONSITE
    Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace. Topics include racial discrimination, gender discrimination and improving racial and gender communication skills.
  • Our DIFFCOM programs provide Conflict Resolution Training Techniques, focusing on Style, Strategy and Skills.
    For more information on our Team Building program objectives:
    DIVERSITY 101: Diversity Awareness
    DIVERSITY 102: Cultural Diversity
    DIVERSITY 103: Workplace Discrimination