Here’s to Calm Partnerships

My writing partner, Paul M. Wood and I have been working weekly, for 3 years, on a Leadership book – The ABCs of R3Leadership.

More about that on another post. This pic is of me and another work partner, Vangie Lopez. (I love partnering with others. The laughter and genius of exhilarating brainstorming and calm heart-storming).

While doing a search for the writing project in Google Keep, I found a testimonial that Vangie wrote last year.

It is such an honor to be recognized by this wonderful spirit-led woman.


Lori provides in-depth knowledge in creating professional Organization Development programs, with spot-on precision ensuring the needs are met of both the organization along with customized training for the individual attendees.

“We don’t teach; we help you find it within.” ~Galileo

This is a quote that Lori uses frequently at the end of her email messages, which encapsulates her conviction that each and every individual/organization can surface insights gained throughout their lifetime, and put them to use in new, transforming and breakthrough ways. Lori’s abilities to analyze, create, coach, facilitate, mediate and follow-up have left life-time impressions on her individual and organizational clients.

I’ve worked with Lori for at least 2 decades – plenty of time to get to know her heart and soul. And both are deeply rooted in foundational beliefs which give her strength and propel her forward in seeking the right formulas to benefit the growth of others. Her work has truly been a labor of love. Humankind has benefited greatly from her life’s work. I feel honored to call her my sister and friend.

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