The ABCs of R3 Leadership: B is for Bats#*t Crazy


Polish Proverb

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! We need your stories about crappy leadership! Why you ask? Because we value your thoughts and experiences. It has been my turn for a few months to write this segment for The ABCs of R3Leadership; B is for Batshit Crazy. When we chose this word, I laughed. It seemed to fit so well into Paul’s satirical serial of “The Circus of Despicables”.


I love looking up definitions of “obscure” words. So I went about finding out the definition of  “BS Crazy”.  According to a post in, “a person who is batshit crazy is so nuts that not only is their belfry full of bats, but so many bats have been there for so long that the belfry is coated in batshit. Hence, the craziest of crazy people are BATSHIT CRAZY” (BSC).


Please know we are not making fun of people who are mentally ill. This reference to crazy is in regard to leaders who dysfunctionally and destructively herd, I mean, lead their people.


I’ve been having a hard time thinking about a real-life story with a BSC leader. When I was in corporate, for my own self-preservation, I relied on the Polish proverb about circuses and monkeys. 


Even reading Paul’s serial about executive lemmings, huddles of terror, cheerleaders, weird executive requests, tugs-of-war, and bullying, I got nothing, nada, bupkis


OK, ok, I know all those things happened in organizations I’ve been affiliated with. And they certainly are going on right now in a whole lot of places. But I think that I have put on my Pollyanna rose-tinted glasses one time too many, thus making it really difficult to remember that kind of crappy leadership examples. 


Here’s what we want you to do:

  1. Read Paul’s post.
  2. Then let us know YOUR STORIES about leaders in your work-life who were BSC.


We’ll credit your contribution in our leadership book series we’re publishing in 2020.


Please and thank you!

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