How Financially Stable People Can Make Life More Equitable

How Financially Stable People Can Make Life More Equitable

I am a voracious reader. I love learning new things. I value making life more equitable for as many people as possible. As I was scrolling through LinkedIn, I learned a new thing about equity in this article.

I learned a term I had never heard of – “Higher-Income Solipsism Syndrome (HISS)” – a “pervasive phenomenon” in the nonprofit world.  The author goes on to say “this is when people who are more financial secure, through a lack of awareness brought on by their privilege, create and endorse philosophies and actions that negatively affect people who are less financially secure.”

As I work as a consultant for various nonprofits, here are four tips from the article I’ll share with the leaders:

  1. Assess how your privileges are affecting your positions
  2. Notice if people who agree with you are in similar economic situations as you.
  3. Scan to see what voices are missing and why
  4. Take the perspective of someone who doesn’t have your privileges

I appreciate that I work with clients who are as open to learning as I.

And to you gentle reader, I hope you appreciate learning something new as well.

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