Is Your Sprint Getting in the Way?

Is Your Sprint Getting in the Way?

Is your sprint getting in the way of your self-care? Many of us who are working for the betterment of the planet, our communities, or our families are burnt out. We sometimes think if we take time off something bad will happen. We sometimes think…

*We’ll let someone down.

*No one will do it as well.

*Or some other thing that makes us stay on our hamster wheel.

I just recently heard someone in one of my workshops mention “community care”. The analogy she used was a relay race. When the lead person is starting to burnout, trip, and fall, a member of the team, can be there to pick up the baton and finish the race.

In the spirit of integrity, this gives the relayer time to refresh. She can do so because her teammate knows what’s at stake. Also when that teammate begins to falter, there’s another member trained and ready to run the race.

“Community care” is ensuring mental health wellbeing. Look around us! There are so many folks on the ragged edge because of lack support and trust.

It breaks my heart!

Check out some other ways people forfeit self-care.

Are you #leading a team where there’s grenade throwing by your staff?
*Where they send an email and CC everyone to CYA?
*Messages are sent by #Slack. But only to team members they like and talk to
*After a #Zoom call is finished, you get phone calls about how Team Member B is not pulling their load?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, let’s talk. I’m good for a listening ear. And a few pieces of advice. Here’s a link to schedule a 30-minute call:

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