Words of Wisdom for the Wanna-Be Exercise Zealot

Words of Wisdom for the Wanna-Be Exercise Zealot


Hi, my name is Lori and sometimes I can be overzealous about exercise. So there are times I have to remember there are words of wisdom for wannabe exercise zealots like me.


If you know me, you know it’s my life’s goal to be fit. So much so that, in my head, I’m always visualizing me running, dancing, and more.

Interestingly, as life would have it, sometimes as I vision and get excited, the next thing I know, I’ve broken my ankle, or have an allergy attack before even lacing up my tennis shoes. 


I was reading an article that talked about Britney Spears being on a treadmill for 90 minutes a day preparing for her 80-minute show when she was in residency in Las Vegas.

So I was ready. And then I remembered our gym is closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Oh, and we also gave away our portable treadmill.

I try to envision 90 minutes on the exercise bike. No F’ing way! I know the seat and I would not have a good time together that long!

So I went back to my favorite exercise – reading. (Hey, I’m exercising my eyes. You have your way of exercising and I have mine!) I came across this article on exercise the way your body needs.

It talked about being outdoors. Now, mind you the writer lives in Colorado and practices social distancing by cross-country skiing in her neighborhood. (Thank God it’s not snowing in my California neighborhood.)


But what caught my eye is that with all that’s going on with the pandemic, we should limit our duration of activity to 60 minutes. Yea! Yay! Ya! However, you spell it!

For those of us who can be overzealous, let’s you and I avoid more than 60 minutes of exercise at a time. We don’t want to suppress our immune systems. Be safe, be calm while being active while exercising in the midst of
self-quarantining and self-isolating.

To that end, I’ve decided to use the POMO technique to exercise. Words of wisdom for the Pomodoro technique timerThat means, I’m going to chunk my exercise. I already walk the dog 15 minutes a day. Now what to do with the other 45 minutes? I’m thinking 15 minutes of sit-ups and leg lifts, 15 minutes of weights, and 15 minutes on the exercise bike. Not necessarily in that order.

That’s not too zealous or over-ambitious. Is it?


Please help a sister out, what other exercises would you recommend that wouldn’t be overdoing it? I want to hear from you!!!


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