Do 14 Days Really Make a Difference?

Do 14 Days Really Make a Difference?


Fourteen Days

Fourteen days have been mentioned as the incubation period for COVID-19. Do 14 days of staying at home really make a difference? I seem to remember that St. Patrick’s Day was when states started to aggressively push the public to STAY HOME!

Stay Home

I’ll ask again, do 14 days of staying home really make a difference? March 31, 2020, is 14 days from March 17, 2020. There are messages being sent on social media suggesting March 31 will be the peak of virus activity. The messages suggest we stay in, particularly this week. Yeah, I know the experts say dates don’t determine the virus’s activity, the virus does. And “jokingly I’ve heard coronavirus called ‘Da Rona’. The term is hilarious, not listening to public health wisdom IS NOT FUNNY OR SAFE!”.

Flatten the Curve

Do 14 days of staying home really #FlattenTheCurve? Whether you believe the “14-day cycle” is real, how about we stay our butts at home until we get the all-clear? Check out the chart showing the number of cases with and without protective measures. This virus has shown there are big costs attached to not paying attention to protective measures like STAYING HOME. And it’s a matter of ‘pay now’ or ‘pay later’. The sooner we all play our part paying now and adhering to sheltering-in-place, the sooner the virus’s impact will lessen and we can go outside and play.

Hug Yourself

We’ll be hugging soon. But until tomorrow or whenever, close your eyes, hug yourself, and consider yourself hugged by me. 

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