Calm in the Time of a Pandemic Storm

Calm in the Time of a Pandemic Storm

Extra! Extra! Read all about! You can be calm in the midst of this coronavirus outbreak. There are some things still open in California during the pandemic storm’s shelter in place. At least, so says an article from the Sacramento Bee – What is Still Open During California’s Shelter in Place?

According to the article, grocery stores, farmers’ markets, food banks, convenience stores, pharmacies, and other health care providers, news outlets, banks, and laundromats are open. Grocery stores – ok. Farmers’ markets – hmm. Food banks – yes definitely. Pharmacies – yes. News outlets – Really? Can’t those folks work at home? Banks – yes. Laundromats – I had not thought about that. Makes sense though…

As the things that are open are limited, we must rely on our own unlimited supply. You know like patience, compassion, and concern with and for our fellow humans.


It’s pretty important to BE WELL. Just as we keep hearing the phrase “coronavirus” repeated over and over again. WASH YOUR HANDS  is the other stuff we’re hearing over and over again. I’m hoping you’ve heard this from some adult or somebody’s mama in your past life. If not, surely you’ve read the signs in public bathrooms. Yes, even if you’re not an employee, most of us want you to wash your hands. Who knows, maybe sometime in the year 2022, we can start shaking hands and hugging again. Until then, let’s hone those handwashing skills for yourself and others to BE WELL.


Another way to BE WELL and BE WISE is to stay informed. Last night, I watched Jada and Will Smith and family discussing the coronavirus on “Red Table Talk”.  (To see the actual recording, please go to Facebook .) In addition to Will giving informative and accurate latest coronavirus news, so did Dr. Michael Osterholm, a leading influenza and virus researcher. 


For some of us, BE SAFE, may fall on deaf ears. You’ve probably seen the photos of folk celebrating spring break on the beach. I even heard a coach mention that he was still going to walk on his beachfront property in Puerto Rico even though, the government is enforcing shelter in place. LET ME BE CLEAR, THAT IS NOT SAFE!!!  Jokingly I’ve heard coronavirus called ‘Da Rona’. The term is hilarious, not listening to public health wisdom IS NOT FUNNY OR SAFE!

Costco South San Francisco, Courtesy, Eric Lee
Courtesy: Eric Lee

Considering what we know now, SAFE is staying home. SAFE is standing 6-feet apart from another when you go to those places that are open. Like these folk waiting to get into Costco.


CALM is what these folks are doing. They’re not freaking out at the long line. (Although, I would be doing a lot of “Breathing and Smiling” because I hate lines and I love talking with people, but not disturbing others with my conversations.)

CALM is having some type of daily centering practice. It’s recognizing that you are not in control of the universe. And because you nor I are in charge, it’s about calming our minds and hearts so that we can do and be the best and accountable human being. Keep your eyes open for The Calming Coach’s 7-Day Challenge to Calm. 7 days to Calm

It is my hope and prayer that calm minds and hearts continue to prevail in the coming weeks. AND that I can be a part of making it so. Remember, there are things within each of us, that’s open!

Be Well! Be Safe! Be Calm!

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