The Calming Coach – Brave Girls are Honest

  • The Calming Coach, aka, Gibson Washington Consulting, can help you go from brutal honesty to silky candor. So you might be saying “why should I care?”

The Calming Coach believes in Honesty

The Calming Coach says “Brave Girls calmly speak their truth and get their messages across”

Did you know that brave doesn’t always mean brutal? Especially when:

  • You’ve been so angry at work, that you know if you say what’s on your mind, you will not only be fired but immediately escorted off the premises
  • You’re so frustrated that people aren’t hearing your message as you intend it and you feel like you’re going to burst.
  • Believe me, honesty doesn’t have to be brutal. And brutal messages can be revisited with silky candor AND the intended impact.

When this first posted, we told you to be on the lookout for The Calming Coach being interviewed on the Brave Girl podcast. Now, you can see this 7-minute video AND listen to Episode 22 of the podcast.

The video and the podcast features a story about turning brutal honesty into silky candor and a life-long friendship.

Interested in Calming Communications techniques? On the subject line of the form, please say “I want to schedule a free 30-minute strategy session”.

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