Sugar/Salt: Call Your Confidante, She’s Disguised as a Life Coach

Sugar/Salt: Call Your Confidante, She’s Disguised as a Life Coach

Don't Trust Everything You See. Even Salt Looks Like Sugar

Sometimes you need a Life Coach,  a Confidante, to check in with to distinguish “the salt from the sugar”.

How many times have you excitedly decided on your life’s purpose? The sweetness, the sugar of your life. You tell a few people about your new purpose-driven sweetness. Your friends and loved ones say one of three things:

  1. Yay! I’m so happy for you.
  2. Really? Where did that come from?
  3. Hmm. Did I tell you about my latest goodies?

When you hear #1, it feels good to have someone happy for you. There’s your sugar. Hearing #2, it hurts a little because you’re wondering why they just can’t be happy for you. That’s your salt. Response #3 has absolutely no connection to you. Neither sugar nor salt.

Responses #1 and #2 are very clear. But the folks in our lives rarely are that clear. Sometimes, it’s not the words they speak, but their actions or non-actions.

Sometimes they avoid. Sometimes their attention isn’t fully with you.

Then you begin to long for someone to listen. To offer sweet and savory questions you’ve not thought of, rather than the salty advice of “if I were you, I’d do (fill in the blank)”. You think, but you’re not me. You want someone who can read you; who gets you. That’s the purpose of a Life Coach.

As the Calming Communications Coach, I’m here to help you have the sugar/the sweetness of success. To be and have the life you love and the life that is worthy of you.

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To Your Calm, Sweet Success,

Lori GW

The Calming Communications Coach AKA DreamBuilding Life Coach

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