What the Bleep is SEO?

What the Bleep is SEO?

So here’s a question for you – What the bleep is SEO? For those who don’t know, the acronym stands for – search engine optimization. For me, SEO is how can you find me in the top 10 listings when you’re searching for an expert who helps leaders deal with conflict when there are differences in opinions, cultures, and styles.

So that might answer your question about why would somebody called The Calming Communications Coach even cares about SEO.

You may know about fairy tales where they start with “Once Upon a Time” or the American South’s version -“You Ain’t Going to Believe This S***”. 

My “Once Upon a Time” is that in 2005 I had a website that was search engine optimized. If you were looking for someone who could provide diversity training, conflict resolution, or leadership training, they could find me quickly on Google because my website was search engine optimized. 

But technology tends to evolve over time. And in that evolution, my 2005 website that was drawing people in, stopped drawing.

A dear friend looked at my website. Complete strangers looked at my website. Everybody was saying your ish is old! For those of you who may not know, “ish” is the polite way of saying scat, poop, turd or you know…
And everyone had opinions about the ish, but no one had solutions to change the ish. And remember that dear friend? He actually built my new website for me. Then he said, “go in peace, write with love”. Oh, I’m sorry, that was from Marriage Encounter. Anyway, he said, “you can do it”. Who did he think I was? Nike!

So I looked around and looked around and tried to do it all by myself. Boy was that a disaster! And then my accountability buddy recommended someone. One day, I’ll be able to afford that $10,000 somebody. So for now, I’ve been looking at what is best for Google.
Guess what? I realized it’s not about what’s best for Google. It’s about what’s best for you – my community, my tribe, my friends, my clients. You know – what’s best for the folks – y’all who are looking to me for direction, wisdom, inspiration.

So having said all that, what do I want you to do? Think about the headaches conflict and unresolved differences cause you. Hire me as your conflict resolution facilitator; Refer me to your friends and colleagues; Cheer me on as a stumble, walk, run, fail, and succeed. 

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