Care Without Expectation – Are You Kidding Me?

Care Without Expectation – Are You Kidding Me?

In times like these, it seems counter-intuitive to love without condition, to talk without bad intention, to give without any reason, and to care without any expectation.

Care without expectation

But it is indeed the only way we’ll be able to all get along so that we will want to change policies and systems for the good of all.

Why Care?

Cooperation sustains life. If all of us acted as the world revolved around us individually, imagine the gridlock. Oh, that’s life now, huh? We need to remember for everything, there’s a season, a time and place.

When someone or a group is hurting, it’s not the time to say “but what about…?” As in #BlackLivesMatter. But what about all lives? First, of all, as a friend told me once, WE ALL will have our turn in the barrel. 

Note to All Lives Matter Folks

In other words, life is not a competition! Although we’re all in this together, there will be differences. Differences in: 

  • communications styles
  • perspectives
  • experiences
  • education

And with those differences, there will be conflict. Avoiding conflict is not good. Being aggressive about conflict is not good. That’s not to say we can’t be angry, sad, or depressed. If conflict is to be resolved, it means there’s got to be a heavy dose of understanding so we can channel our energies toward solutions that work and can be sustained.

In the words of the author, Stephen Covey, we must “seek to understand” – first ourselves, then others who are like us, and then others who are different so there is true unity in the middle of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts for changed systems, policies, and practices. 

So, no I wasn’t kidding. And yes, I’m here to help in leading us into better times. AND, I’m reaching out to you to join me.

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