‘Planes, ‘Ports, ‘Plains – The Stress of Them All

‘Planes, ‘Ports, ‘Plains – The Stress of Them All

The Three P’s

‘Planes, ‘Ports, ‘Plains – I love alliteration. What does stress have to do with those 3P’s? Aside from the fact that I used to love airPLANES and airPORTS and know quite a few lovely chaPLAINS? STRESS! In the midst of this pandemic, stress and anxiety about air travel has gone way up.

Never before had I thought of those 3 things being UNITED. (Pun intended) Ok, yes I know airplanes are at airports. But are you like me? Did you know airlines and airports have chaplains?

Because a dear sister-friend is an interfaith chaplain at a local-area hospital, I’ve only associated chaplains with hospitals.

Robin Hancock, a nature meditation guide, joined the team of 40 volunteer airport chaplains at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to provide people with “a piece of calm in whatever storm is going on at that moment.” (Katja Ridderbusch)


Stress Calming Practitioners

In a USA Today article, Robin Hancock, a nature meditation guide at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport said her chaplaincy goal is to provide people with “a piece of calm in whatever storm is going on at that moment” and leave them with a tool to use the next time they’re feeling overwhelmed.

As I read that article, I said “Wait a minute! That’s my goal too!” As The Calming Communications Coach, my goal is to give you tools and a safe place during times of stress at work.

The Stress of It All

COVID-19 related concerns about J&J vaccinations, school openings, mask-wearing, the economy, coronavirus deaths, and survivor guilt add up to a lot of collective stress.

This stress is eroding our global emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

So what does this have to do with you?

As I type this, I asked myself why am I writing this? Why am I sharing this? I realize it’s because this article reminds me I love to serve. I am here for leaders and professionals who are stressed and need:

  • an impartial listening ear
  • someone who can hold your secrets
  • tools to deal with people who disturb your calm 
  • support building a communications road map for getting that raise, triumphing over that bully, building a bridge destroyed by conflict, culturally competent communications with someone who is different than you (psst – some call that code-switching)

Where can you find me?

  • …especially if you’re stressed and not on an airPLANE, not in an airPORT, nor know a chaPLAIN…
  • On this page about me
  • On this one about our speaker topics
  • And this about our programs


I promise you – if you’re stressed or on a ledge I’ll talk you down. 

To your calmness.



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