Building Trust and Calm in a World of Chaos

Building Trust and Calm in a World of Chaos

A Gentle Nudge Deserves a Wink, a Smile, or a Thank You!

I love sending my clients gentle nudges. You know as in “nuhj” – “to push slightly or gently, especially with the elbow, to get someone’s attention, prod someone into action…” vs. “noodge” – Yiddish for “persistently pester, annoy, or complain”. (OK, in my corporate life I was called a noodge a time or two. That was then. This is now.)

Some of my clients send me a wink and a smile after receiving my gentle nudges. Others send “thank you’s.” And a few are “radio silent” – where I’m not sure how my nudges are perceived. (Maybe I do and I’m in denial.)

Anyway – I usually text a graphic similar to the one in this post. (Hey, this looks like a good book. If you read it, let me know.) So as I was searching and found this, I realize I hadn’t thanked this week’s medical team of gentle nudgers. And that I had been radio silent.

On Day 12 of my “bad cold”, my brother William texted me these words “How are you feeling?” Translation: “I know you still feel poorly (or po-ly, as the ol’ folks used to say) AND I know you haven’t taken anything or been to the doctor!!!”

At first, I didn’t “receive” the translated version. I just answered politely, and mentioned I was still congested.

Then came his response – “If the congestion lasts longer than 72 hours, go to Kaiser to get checked out.” Oopsie. There’s that gentle, yet firm nudge. I knew if I didn’t act, others (William and our other siblings) would act for me. I promised to contact my primary care doc and get back to William.

Dr. Yu is used to me taking a while to reach out to her when I’m not feeling well; lest I be a “noodge”.

Dr. Yu: “So, it’s almost been 2 weeks, huh?”

Me: “Yes. (To myself, ooh I’m in trouble.)

Dr. Yu: “What have you taken?”

Me: “Zyrtec once. But it dried everything up and I had the most horrendous headache ever.”

Dr. Yu: “What about your Flonase?”

Me: “Once. But I’ve been drinking a lot of tea, eating a lot of soup, and sleeping a lot.” (To myself, I hate pharmaceuticals!!)

Dr. Yu: (Here comes the gentle nudge) “You have an upper respiratory infection. How about this? Start taking the Flonase again. Take Mucinex every 12 hours. If you don’t feel better by Friday, we’ll talk on Saturday and I’ll prescribe an antibiotic.”

Did I tell you I hate pharmaceuticals? BUT… I did as recommended. Mucinex dries up congestion, but not to the point of a sinus cracking headache. Although I will say, my tear ducts felt drained and it was difficult to open my eyes this morning.

Right now, this Friday afternoon, I’m at 60% .

So thank you Team Shaw-Yu for gently nudging me, saving me from myself and continuous use of Kleenex.

Dear Reader, I hope you have trustworthy Gentle Nudgers in your life who save you from your rebellious self so that you may have peace and calm at work and at home.

If not, we’re here for you, just a “form” away.

I wish you peace!

Lori, The Calming Communications Coach

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