I have a question for you.

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to even dare to DREAM?

I don’t mean little-bitty, I wish I could have all the chocolate in the world kind of dream. But the type of dream that scares you. The type that’s hooked into your why. You know, why are you here on the planet.

I bet you have spent so many years pushing your dreams away, you haven’t seen or thought about them for a while.

I’m no stranger to pushing down my dreams.

My last corporate job before becoming The Calming CoachTM was at American Express as the Western Region Training Director. My territory went from Honolulu, HI to Pittsburgh, PA not Pittsburg, CA. Speaking of CA, one of my California trainers decided to let me know what my reputation was. Yeah, I was all in for 360° feedback, I braced myself for the worst. She told me, people thought I was tough, but fair. Hey that’s not so bad. Before coming to AmEx, I thought I had lost my edge. And I wasn’t happy about it. How in the world could I survive the Boys Club without big fuzzy cojones?

Clients told me I was sarcastic and witty. But they liked it.

Then, a work friend, a colleague, asked me how was I doing? “Ok.” She then said – “You know! You used to be so loveable when you first got here. Now you’re not even likeable.”

And I did what any senior leader does that listens… I cried! I did the Oprah ugly cry! How did I get so far from me?

I hugged and thanked my colleague. And then I uttered a word I had only once used in the workplace. I needed to PRAY about what’s next.

And pray I did. And I stayed another 18 months. My reputation changed. I was either called airy-fairy-woo-woo OR expressive without offending.

I was cool with either description. Because of 2 things. 1) I was learning how to survive and thrive as me in an atmosphere that had once swallowed and devoured my essence. 2) I was planning my gracious exit.

Interestingly, at first, all I could do is think about escaping. As I did the work and shifted my mindset, I wasn’t running away from an untenable situation. No, I was gracefully soaring toward my brand new life. My brand new life was one where my business plan was steeped in faith; I worked 4 days a week with corporate clients I loved; I made 6-figures; I went wine tasting and played Bay Area tourist on Fridays with the Hubs; and I was singing 36 weeks a year with a professional singing group on the national and international stage.

And I did it going through the process of what I now call the 4 Sacred Shifts: Dream, Decide, Delay, Soar.

I’m so excited to share the delicious ingredients of these Sacred Shifts. (Yes, I’m mixing metaphors. We Grammar Police can do that. And do it well.)

Program Information

Through my own personal mindset shift work and from coaching others I have found certain themes appear again and again for us Baby Boomers.

So that you don’t have to be alone as you navigate through delays and pitfalls transitioning into the Golden Years, I’m hosting “The Sacred Shifts Experience to Your Next Best Season”. And I would love it if you would join me.

Part I of the Experience is an online Sacred Shifts Circle for Siblings in Belief (SIBs). This is a 12 week period of you journaling, talking with SIBs, and experiencing coaching with me.

When: Tuesday, May 22 – Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Journaling Assignments: Exploring our weekly themes

Tea Time for The Soul: Twice Monthly with SIBs (Siblings in Belief) on Zoom

Individual Coaching: Once a month on Zoom. In the Bay Area? Let’s meet in person!

Journaling, Discussion, and Coaching Topics:

  • Dreaming and What’s Faith Got To With It
  • Dashed Expectations: What To Do When Dreams Look Like a Nightmare
  • Our Cycles and Seasons Impact On Our Bodies
  • Working Hard, With Hardly Any Recognition and What To Say When All You Want To Say Is WTF
  • Having Great Rapport With Senior Level Executives but Needing to Create Rapport with a Jealous Boss
  • Where To Go, Who Do You Talk To When You Feel Like An Underappreciated Teamplayer
  • Rituals To Design Your New Downsized Life
  • How Do You Manage Your “Dis-ease” and Benefits For Chronic Illness In Your Golden Years
  • Where Will You Find The Right Job For The Right Money As A Baby Boomer
  • Should You Stay In Or Go Away From Your Current Situation
  • Capitalizing On Your Life Of High-Highs and Learning From Your Epic Fails

This is for you if:

  • When you think of success, you reflect on the big ideas you’ve had, but the credit for them was taken by someone else
  • You’ve had work relationships, and experienced being a shining star but coworkers tell you to tone it down
  • You’re in the midst of the latest reorg of your life
  • You want a faith-focused coach who respects that you have a relationship with a Higher Power and understands that your higher power may be named God, Big Love, Spirit or even Ralph the Dog
  • You NEED someone who listens and knows what you’re going through
  • You want a sounding board and accountability partner to help you strategize and powerfully execute a Calm Life Road MapTM for the next season of your life

Are you ready to stop pushing away your dreams and dive into the next season of your life?

I am READY. Sign me up today!


Jenny Fenig

Lori brings a high-vibe energy with her everywhere she goes. She exudes JOY, never complains, and doesn’t make excuses. She simply sees the opportunities that are in front of her and says YES. And she also knows how to say NO … without guilt or drama. I’m so grateful for meeting this woman who most certainly is a LEADER in every sense of the word.

Jenny FenigBusiness Coach, Strategist, Author + Podcast Host of "Get Gutsy"​Jenny Fenig Worldwide, LLC
Kem Juan Simmons

I have been a client of “The Calming CoachTM” for 5 years. In that time our sessions have helped me to realize the hidden treasures already inside me, kept me calm, and stay on track with my dreams. If you want to bring out the very best in yourself, Lori Gibson-Washington is the coach to help you do it.

Kem Juan SimmonsFounder, Chief LOC StylistLOCS by Knappology
Cheryl Farrell Headshot

Lori Gibson-Washington is the go-to person for professionals at a certain level of career “blossom” who see the next place to plant. She is familiar with work cultures in corporations, non-profits, small businesses, and solo-consultancies where career progression may stall at times. Providing honest, yet assuring counsel, she has a way of letting you hear yourself. She believes we often know what we need to do, but hearing ourselves say it is more lasting than a lecture. (Teaching to fish versus a fish-fry drive-through.) I trust Lori with my thoughts as she honors them with her confidentiality. I wholeheartedly recommend Lori for career support…she’s truly a calming force.

Cheryl FarrellHR & Cause Marketing Communications

Part II – Retreat

Imagine it’s Saturday June 23rd, 2018. You’ve stepped off the plane.

Your Airport shuttle to “Casa Viento” in La Manzanilla, Jalisco awaits you.

You freshen up in your room. Then you go to the Main Terrace for a Margarita Reception.

After a good night’s sleep, your Calm Life Reset continues.

Your days will be **filled** with breakfasts, sessions with Lori, leisure time to enjoy your Reset, a day of community outreach helping with a mural art project, taco bars, a river cruise, free time and session time at the Beach, dinners in town on your own.

On Saturday June 30th, you board the plane home, feeling more calm and clarity than you have in a long time. And while the integration will take time, you’re confident you have what you need to shift your life for the better.

Are you ready to stop pushing away your dreams and dive into the next season of your life?

I am READY. Sign me up today!

Getting to the Event

The Village of La Manzanilla

La Manzanilla is the jewel of the Happy Coast, (Costa Alegre) on the Central Pacific Coast of Mexico. Just three hours south of Puerto Vallarta by car or three hours by plane from Los Angeles (via Manzanillo Airport accessed by Alaska Airlines two times per-day, seven days a week.) Easy to access but will leave you feeling worlds apart.

La Manzanilla Living – Retreat Venue

Revitalize your senses and refresh your mind! La Manzanilla Living welcomes you to their warm and beautiful little fishing village. With its sandy sweeping beaches and majestic mountain views it’s a perfect backdrop to wellness, rest, and rejuvenation. The retreat venue offers spin classes and numerous water activities to get your body moving and bring body into balance. Yoga and meditation classes to calm your mind and replenish your soul.  Body treatments including massages, wraps and scrubs to encourage total relaxation and a feeling of let go.  You will have time to encourage spiritual exploration by going  on beach walks,  mountain hikes or  bird watching.  They invite you to lose yourself in their exotic locale by taking a boat ride to catch a glimpse of majestic whales that visit seasonally. Finally, enjoy numerous restaurants lined along the stunning Pacific Ocean and catch one of the spectacular sunrise or sunsets.

About Lori

Lori Gibson-Washington, The Calming CoachAKA Lori Gee Dub – the lady with 3 names is an intuitive facilitator, a calming speaker, an engaging mediator and a witty blogger that mixed together makes her The Calming Communications CoachTM.

Formerly, an instructor for International Business Negotiations at the University of California, Berkeley’s International Diploma Program, Bay Area-resident, Lori Gee-Dub has over 20 years’ experience consulting and coaching in the areas of differences in communications, conflict resolution, and leadership.

A wife, a daughter, a bonus mom of 2, Gigi of 2 grandsons, Lori was educated at Georgetown University and UCLA. A certified Transformational Life Coach through the Life Mastery Institute, she is also certified in such personality styles instruments as Myers-Briggs, LIFO, and FIRO Element-B.

GeeDub loves consulting with groups to improve team dynamics for better productivity and profitability; and coaching individual professionals and leaders who are embattled and weary in their current work situations who want to use their wealth of experience to make major mindset and life changes.


Paris Collins Headshot

I had the pleasure of meeting Lori during my third year as a hospitality management student at San Francisco University in 2010. She immediately took me under her wing and gave me the opportunity to work along side her on diversity workshops and fundraising events. Lori empowered me and others working with her to be an example of inclusion and integrity.

I would always tell Lori, “I want to be you when I grow up”, and this is still very true today. Working with her inspired me to channel my potential and to always strive for excellence. She continues to support me in my career goals all these years later. She is a phenomenal mentor and champion for those hoping to make a positive impact on their community!

Paris Collins
Heidi Maglietto Headshot

Without hesitation, I would take any course or training that she is championing, or invite her into the organization that I support. Lori is an asset to all leaders and enables additional tools that we can place in our proverbial tool box and draw upon when needed.

Lori is a coach, a mentor, and an advocate for anyone who wants to challenge the status quo regarding leadership and develop themselves to excel beyond their current state.

Heidi Maglietto
Vangie Lopez

Lori provides in-depth knowledge in creating professional Organization Development programs, with spot-on precision ensuring the needs are met of both the organization along with customized training for the individual attendees.

“We don’t teach; we help you find it within.” ~Galileo

This is a quote that Lori uses frequently at the end of her email messages, which encapsulates her conviction that each and every individual/organization can surface insights gained throughout their lifetime, and put them to use in new, transforming and breakthrough ways. Lori’s abilities to analyze, create, coach, facilitate, mediate and follow-up have left life-time impressions on her individual and organizational clients.

I’ve worked with Lori for at least 2 decades – plenty of time to get to know her heart and soul. And both are deeply rooted in foundational beliefs which give her strength and propel her forward in seeking the right formulas to benefit the growth of others. Her work has truly been a labor of love. Humankind has benefited greatly from her life’s work. I feel honored to call her my sister and friend.

Vangie Lopez

Investment Information

There are three options available. You can choose to do both the program and the retreat or do one or the other.

For the most growth and clarity, doing both will give you the most time and space to work on the areas that are holding you back and create the calm life you so desire and you so DESERVE.

Sacred Shifts Experience

BOTH the Program AND the Retreat


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Sacred Shifts Circle

For the Program only


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Calm Life Reset Retreat

For the Retreat only


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